We Support Strong Families and Communities

Photo by SychuginaElena/iStock / Getty Images

We believe that young children learn and grow in strong families where parents are able to successfully face the challenge of caring for their children while meeting their work and other responsibilities. Parents as Teachers is a voluntary evidenced based home visiting model and parent coaching and support program that nurtures strong families that allow children to thrive. 

Rigorous evaluations of Parents as Teachers demonstrates it is an effective solution for reducing crime (child abuse and neglect), improving the health and well-being of children and their families, promoting school readiness and later school success, helping parents mitigate toxic stress by providing a nurturing and positive environment, and helping families achieve self-sufficiency. 

Beyond the obvious quality-of-life benefits for the participants, the effect on the community and the taxpayer is equally powerful, yielding considerable cost savings for states and communities that implement and invest in such programs. Some of these savings include healthier births; fewer emergency room visits; and fewer cases of families involved in the social welfare system. In communities with vulnerable families, the program can have an even more profound effect. 

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